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Portus - Associated Teachers of Portuguese provides services in the area of the Portuguese language training.
Most courses are provided under the brand name "Portuguese Global - International Academy of Portuguese", hereinafter "Portuguese Global".

Portuguese Global provides a diversity of services of support to the tutors, and mediation between tutors and learners, through a department of courses coordination and the activity of a director of studies. This includes methodological advising and assistance in class planning, whenever required by the tutors, and learner's needs assessment.

Courses are purchased and fully paid prior to the course start, and a cancellation policy is in place, acccording to the terms expressed on the point 4 of these Terms and Conditons.

A - CANCELLING A COURSE. If the client wishes to cancel a course, they must inform Portuguese Global, by email, as soon as possible. Cancellations are subject to the following conditions:
1) Notifications received up to fourteen calendar days before the start date are elegible for a full refund. Notwithstanding the afore mentioned in the previous sentence, credit card fees are't refundable and an administration fee of £50.00 will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Alternatively, the client can choose to receive a voucher valid for one year, for the total amount paid, to be used in similar services provided by Portuguese Global, and in this case no administration fee will be charged. If the voucher isn't used within one year, when similar courses where on offer, the client loses the right to use the credit amount associated with it. If no similar courses where on offer during that one year period, a refund will be organised in the terms stipulated in the point 1).
2) Refund requests made on or after the 14th calendar day before the course start date won't be accepted.
3) In cases where the learner can't attend a class for whatever reason, no refunds are available.
4) In view of the management requirements involved in organising group courses, Portuguese Global won't be able to accept pro-rata refunds or transfer to other courses time not used in any course.
B - COURSE NOT CONFIRMED. If Portuguese Global is unable to run a course, or offer a reasonable alternative as defined by the Minimum Number of Learners policy (as detailed in these Terms and Conditions), the client will be entitled to a full refund, including any credit card fees.
C - COOLING-OFF PERIOD. Portuguese Global provides services on specific dates within specific periods and as such is not under the obligation to provide the fourteen 14-day cooling off period, stipulated in the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.
Nevertheless Portuguese Global offers ex gratia a cooling off 14-day period, in these terms: if the client cancels a service within fourteen days of the date of the booking, in writing to the email, we will refund the amount paid in full without charging any administration fee. Nevertheless, if the payment was done by card the card fees will be deducted.
Notwithstanding the afore mentioned if the client books a service fourteen days or less before the start date of the course, they loose the right to that cooling off period with regards to the entire course booked, as the service is a course, a self-contained unitary block of lessons, not lessons sold individually, and this block service is starting within the 14-day cooling off period.
Important note: By booking the course within 14 days of the course start the client acknowledges that they wish to start the course before the 14 days cooling off period elapses, and in so doing they are expressely requesting that the course starts within that period.
If only some days of the cooling off period falls over the 14 days before the start of the course then the cooling off period is limited to the days running until the fourteenth day before the start of the course.
In any case no refund requests will be accepted on or after the fourteenth day before the course start date.
D - REFUND DATE. Refunds are made within five working days of the registration cancellation or course cancellation, and most refunds are effectively made within 48 hours of the cancellation.
E - SUBSTITUTING A COURSE. In very exceptional unforseen situations, like ilness or others we may find justifiable, and at the client's request, Portuguese Global may accept (at its discretion) to offer a similar course on the same term or on a different term, to replace the course initially booked. Neverthelss, the offer will be conditional to the minimum number of sudents for the new course having been met, and also that, on the date of its start, the number of learners registered on the new course is lower than 16 (not counting the transferred booking). So, any offers Portuguese Global may do of transferring a booking to a diffrent course or term are conditional to these terms relative to the number of registrations.

The average number of learners per class is eight. The maximum number of learners per class is twelve in online courses and sixteen in face-to-face courses.
In some circumstances, the maximum numbers can be increased, as detailed below:
a) in workshops: maximum of twenty learners (face-to-face or online)
b) in very rare cases where other learners attend the class as a substitution class: (face-to-face max: eighteen; online max: sixteen)
c) in very rare cases where a second group for the same level is opened, that doesn't reach the minimum number to run. Some learners may be moved to the originally scheduled group, bringing the maximum numbers to: (face-to-face: 18; online: 16).

Five learners (face-to-face courses) or four learners (online courses) is the minimum number necessary for the courses to be confirmed. But Portuguese Global may decide to run the course with any number of learners as long as the maximum number fixated in the previous point isn't surpassed.
In case the minimum number of learners is not met until 12pm of the day before the start date:
a) The course start is postponed by one week.
a.1) If in the next week the minimum number is met, then the course starts on that week running for its full extension.
a.2) If in the postponed week or the week after (ie. up until two weeks after the originally scheduled start date) the number of learners reaches four (for face-to-face classes) or three (for online classes), then the course will start on the third week of the original schedule and will run for eight weeks (for ten week courses) or five weeks (for six week courses).
a.3) Portuguese Global guarantees a suitable training alternative to complete the course programme with any number of learners, including one registration only.
The number and type of sessions in cases not described in the point a.2) will be discussed on a case by case basis.
The rationale for shorter courses for very small groups is that spoken interaction between participants - and opportunities to be individuallylly trained - are greater in small groups, allowing for a faster pace and full completion of the programme in less time. The learners will be able to enrol in the next level after these shorter courses. Therefore the cost of these courses remains the same as announced for the full courses.
If after the start of a shorter course supervening enrollments make the course reach the minimum numbers for full courses, Portuguese Global will either offer additional classes to complete the full number initally set, or refund the apportionate amount corresponding to the classes not taught.

There are two types of courses: a) Face-to-Face / In-school courses that take place at our school in London; b) Online courses via Zoom or other similar platform.
Moving temporarily or permanently from one course type to the other (face-to-face - online) due to learner's convenience is not permitted, given the disruption this would cause in the classes.
Neverheless, Portuguese Global reserves the right to move a learner from one course type to another, in exceptional circumstances, if the learner expressly agrees.

The course scheduled start date is shown on the course schedule, in the Portuguese Global or the brand secific website. So the last class of a ten week course is on the tenth weekday of the course counted from the scheduled start date. For six week courses, the last class will be on the sixth weekday of the course counted from the scheduled start date. A course can nevertheless end one week later, either because its start has been postponed by one week, or because due to unforseen circunstances, like teacher's illness or force majeure, one of the classes of the course is cancelled. If for any reason the week afer the last originally scheduled week must be used to complete the course, the courses is deemed to have been normally concluded, and Portuguese Global can't be made responsible if a learner can't attend that last class of the course.
The vast majority of courses start and end on the scheduled dates. Nevertheless if for any reason Portuguese Global is unable to start the course on the first week, a start on the second week is possible and the course will then count ten classes from the second week onwards. By accepting these Terms and Conditons the learner expressely accepts that the course can start and end one week later than originally scheduled.
For some courses we may open a second intake date (second date to join a course), referred to in the website as "second intake". The "second intake" means we accept the learners to join the course on the second lesson of the course. The last class will be in the same date of the first intake. Students starting on the second intake date will have nine classes (ten week courses), or five classes (six week courses). In some cases we may offer - at our discretion, if a reasonable reason justifies that decision - a catching-up session of 30 mins via Zoom, or phone. Typically this is offered to absolute beginners.
If a scheduled class coincides with a bank holiday, that class will be postponed to the end of the course (weekday of the original schedule immediately after the last day of the course).

Due to teacher's illness or force majeure, or other unforseeable reaons, Portuguese Global may need to cancel a class. The cancellation will be communicated to the learner by email, and Portuguese Global will at the best of its ability make sure that the learner is informed as soon as reasonaly possible, from the moment Portuguese Global is aware of the fact determining the cancellation. We don't acept any responsibility if, as a result of a cancellation that couldn't be announced on time, the learner comes to the school on the day of the cancelled class.
In case a teacher is unable teach a class (a), or Portuguese Global is unable to provide the service due to any unforseeable reason (b), Portuguese Global will endevaour to:
a) replace the teacher on the scheduled day and time
a) and b) or cancel the class and replace it until the end of the week immediately after the last class of the course, as scheduled at the course start.
If the cancellation is due to force majeure, special dispositions apply, as described in further below in these T&C's.
If one or more classes are cancelled, Portuguese Global may also replace that class or classes by one to one (individual) training, via Zoom or other suitable online video communication platform. For the purpose of calculating the duration of this training, Portuguese Global - based on its experience of language training - considers that one to one training can reasonably be expected to reach the same objectives of a particular group class in 50% of the time spent in that group class. Therefore one hour of one to one training is deemed to replace two hours of training in group; and so, at Portuguese Global's discretion, a Zoom/online video session of one hour with a tutor may be offered to replace a group class of two hours.
By refusing this offer the client waves their right to a replacement class.
Portuguese Global will endeavour to organise this one to one session within reasonable time that in any case must exceed two weeks after the last class of the course.
Portuguese Global won't accept to issue any refunds for cancellation of classes, as long as the relevant stipulations of these Terms and Conditions were observed by Portuguese Global.
If due to unforseen circumstances (with the exception of force majeure) Portuguese Global needs to cancel all the remaining classes of a course, mid-course, and the services aren't replaced according to the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions, a pro rata refund of the classes not taught will be made.
If a class or classes must be cancelled due to force majeure - occurrences beyond the reasonable control of Portuguese Global, like floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, epidemics or other public health constraints, acts of terrorism, or other force majeure occurrences not specified in this document - Portuguese Global will offer a replacement class or classes as soon as the force majeure constraint - and its consequences that determined the cancellation of the class or classes - cease. The replacement class or classes must have a duration that reasonably allows the completion of the course programme. The replacement classes will take place on a location within TFL zone 1, or via online training. A refund (either partial or total) will not be due where a class or classes are cancelled due to force majeure constraints, as defined in this T&Cs. The client may choose, alternatively, to receive a credit voucher in the amount of the non-taught classes, to be used to pay partially or totally for similar group services, within one year of the voucher issuing.

The client agrees that she/he will not solicit for private teaching or other work collaboration for themselves or any other entity, or employ in any capacity, any trainer or administrative staff of Portuguese Global for a period of two years after service to the client has been completed. If the client violates the provision Portuguese Global shall recover from the client an amount equal to the average amount paid for contracts with the client, based upon the three months preceding the trainer or other staff end of collaboration with Portuguese Global and/or the start of private collaboration with the client (whichever occurs first), times twelve, plus injunctive relief and counsel fees.

Group courses take place at our school (location as indicated on the website), or online via an electronic platform, as announced on the website. For classes in the scool, if for any reason the venue becomes unavailable before the couse start or during the course, Portuguese Global may transfer the class to a different venue in the WC, W1, W2, SW1 or EC London postcode areas, and no refund will be due in view of these circunstances.

By registering and paying for a course the client ackowledges that they have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

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